Our Travels in Vietnam took us from Hanoi in the North, down to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) in the South. The following shots show you a little of what life is like in Hanoi.

After Hanoi, we spent a week on overnight trains and cramped rickety old busses travelling around North Vietnam. We got as far as the Chinese border in the North West, ending up at a small hill-top village called Sapa, and the East coast 'resort' of Ha Long Bay - famed for its limestone rocky outcrops. Alas, all my photos of these areas are in Colour, so do not belong in this album. (Hence the waffle and lack of photos!)

The next shots are taken in Hoi An - a beautiful town (highly recomended) that is located 30km from Danang in Central Vietnam.

It was then South again to Nha Trang - a seaside town 450km East of Saigon.


We spent 2 weeks in Vietnam, in which time we took 4 overnight train journeys - die hard backpackers that we are, and covered a lot of milage. Personally I enjoyed the North more, the highlights being Hanoi, Sapa and Ha Long Bay. Hanoi must be one of the very few large cities in the world that you get around on by bike - a great way to see the place. Also if you get a chance, pop into Hué and Hoi An - midway between the two major cities.

Travel is fairly easy, but it can help at times to have a translator at some of the railway stations. The currency is memorable too - having to have plastic bags for wallets, to carry around bricks of Dong.

Our trip was in 1995, at which time it had been open for tourism about 1 year. Having said that though, it was clear then that tourism was playing a major role in the economy there, and had a firm grip on the place - see it before it changes too much!