Against the advice of practically every member of the family, we decided to take Kaitlin to Morocco for her first overseas holiday. We were unable to do it last year due to unavailability of flights, but due to Sept 11th there were only 76 people on our flight.

We started off the trip in Agadir, from where we hired a car to explore the hills further south. After visiting the souks in Agadir, we ventured up to Essaouira - a white-walled fishing village

Our next stop was Marrakesh, about 200km to the East - the souks are a complete labrynth, as described in the guide books! Whilst there we also took a tour around some Berber villages, perched in amoungst the Atlas mountains - unfortunately we met with rain and low cloud, making the dramatic scenery a little less spectacular than expected!

Before leaving, we spent a few days in Taroudant - a red-walled village at the base of the snow capped High-Altas mountains.