Hong Kong

Having lived in Hong Kong now for three years, it is somehow surprising how few Black & White photos I have actually taken of the place! Here are some pictures of life that I have observed whilst living here.

Hong Kong is a thriving city, in which you do not have to look far to see hardworking people - be it gweillo's or local Chinese. On every street corner in the city there are people making money in dozens of different ways.


The main flux of city life is amongst the skyscrapers on Hong Kong island, and in Kowloon - the latter of which will soon become high-rise once Kai Tak is replaced by Chep Lap Kok - the new airport.

Development and Reclamation seem to be happening everywhere you look, however there are many places that are still worth a visit. Lantau island, is a 30 minute boat ride out of Central, and has attractions such as the largest sitting Buddha in the world, the Lantau Trail for hiking, many quiet beaches, although I couldn't vouch for their cleanliness, Discovery Bay (a.k.a. Delivery {for the quantity of kids}, and Disco) and of course the new airport - tucked away on the North West coast.

The New Territories, is a good spot for hiking - if the weather is fine you can get some great views, and really appreciate the peace, in strict contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city.

HK attracts loads of tourists. Popular spots include Stanley (for the market), Chinese temples, Walled villages (in N.T. only), beaches (not to be compared with the Seychelles however), the Peak (a prestigious address and place for those Kodak moments of HK) and of course - numerous shopping malls.

Gweillo (you're typical white devil, pointy nose foreigner) locals tend to work hard and play hard, always endeavouring to socialise down the pub at least 3/4 times a week. Being starved of Western culture forces us to jump at the chance to go to see any western comedians, concerts and top social event must go to the Rugby 7's - a perfect time to get dressed up, drink, act stupid, drink, and watch a little rugby.