Devon & Cornwall

Shortly after Kaitlin was born (in August), we bravely decided to take our first holiday - to Devon and Cornwall. It was an eye-opener, both trying to cope with a newly born baby who didn't seem to understand that her parents had done this in the name of relaxation, and that Devon does not seem to cater for children!

Maybe it was just the resort we chose, Lynton, but things semed stacked against us from the off - the hotel decided that the baby warranted a surcharge of 25% despite the fact that we had brought all her bedding (including a bed), and no restaurants wanted to serve us, forcing us to spend each evening eating takeaway food in a pub (Good beer though!)

We began our trip in St. Ives, venturing down the hill from our hotel each morning for a walk along the prom and around the alleys that makes up this beautiful little seaside town - seeking out the fish and chip shops, for lunch.

We then moved on up the coast to Lynton in Devon, and stayed at some dodgy little hotel run by a seedy little man - enough said.
The place was charming enough, however as I said above, no one seemed to cater for children - even ones aged 1 month and trusted to remain snoozing quietly in a pushchair. After a couple of days, we set off for home, via Stonehenge.